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Nail Fungus DNA Test

Home To Lab Test for Nail Fungus

1 Test per pack | REF:V9019-009

A simple and safe Home to Laboratory DNA test to determine if you have nail fungus.

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Nail Fungus Test

With this test, you get fast results on whether you have nail fungus before starting a long-term treatment. If you have symptoms of thickened and discoloured nails, or nails that crumble apart, it might be nail fungus. Remember that it is common for the nail fungus to recur. Do not take the test if currently undergoing treatment, and no earlier than 4 weeks after the treatment ends.

You can treat moderate outbreaks of nail fungus on certain nails with over-the-counter medications that you apply to the nail. You may need prescription medication for severe outbreaks that cause problems. The treatment will often be long-term. In many cases, changes to nails may be due to causes other than nail fungus, such as psoriasis, eczema or damage due to ill-fitting shoes. Therefore, it is good to test whether you have nail fungus before you start a long-term treatment.

Everything you need for the test is included in the kit, including easy to follow instructions, a swab and a return envelope.

To take the test simply:

  • Open the box, which contains a sample tube and an instruction leaflet. Carefully remove the sticker including the analysis code from the package leaflet and attach it to the sample tube.
  • If the fungus is on the outer edge of the nail, clip off a nail sample with nail scissors. If The fungus is farther in on the nail, scrape the top of the nail with the nail scissors.
  • Transfer the nail/nail scrapings to the sample tube using the scissors or clean tweezers.
  • Close the sample tube and ensure it is thoroughly sealed. place the sample tube in the bubble wrap bag.
  • Place the bubble wrap bag in the original box. Close the box. It is now ready to be used as return package. Please note down the tracking number from the label attached to the box (located just underneath the barcode) as this will allow you to check the delivery time.

Results are provided within 5 working days after the sample is received at the laboratory. The test sample will be sent to the laboratory from the collection location in UK so please allow additional time from the moment your sample is delivered in UK. You can check the status of your test and obtain your test results, using the website address and your test's unique code number provided with the test. 


Due to difficulties caused by current healthcare crisis and changes after the end of Brexit transition period test results availability may be delayed. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

About Nail Fungus

Nail fungus is a common infection that occurs in up to 12% of the world population. In addition, nail fungus is a commonly recurring infection. Nail fungus in not serious in itself, but can still be a nuisance both physically and mentally. The fungus can cause ingrown toenails and many people refrain from wearing sandals or walking barefoot to avoid exposing their affected nails. 

Common signs of possibly being affected by nail fungus include deformed, thickened and yellowed nails or that the nail crumbles, loosens or has white spots. If untreated, the nail disease can, in the worst cases, cause permanent deformations that are painful and with the risk of other infections as a consequence.

What are we testing?

Nail fungus is often caused by so-called filamentous fungi (dermatophyter) belonging to the Trichophyton genus. Trichophyton rubrum is the most common type and is the cause of the most of all nail fungus infections. Dynamic Code’s test detects Trichophyton rubrum genus and the most common types of the Trichophyton, Microsporum and Epidermophyton genera

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Test Procedure Steps

Take Blood Sample

1Simply collect the sample from the infected area.

Add drops of blood to test

2Post the sample tube back to us for testing.

Test buffer solution

3The DNA test is performed within a few days.

Wait a few minutes for result

4Check your results on the website.

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