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Professional Kit

AnaemiaScreen Professional

20 tests per pack

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OTC Home Test

Home Test for Iron-Deficiency Anaemia

1 test per pack | 362-3527

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£ 7.99 per test | In Stock

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Average Customer Review

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Home test kit for Anaemia (Anemia)


Test for iron deficiency anaemia (anemia) with our accurate easy to use home test kit.

AnaemiaScreen™ is a home anaemia test kit for iron deficiency anaemia. It is a blood test for anaemia that detects if you have low iron in your blood.  AnaemiaScreen™ measures ferritin, a protein involved in the storage of iron in your body, which is the most sensitive indicator of iron deficiency anaemia. A low blood iron level is the most common cause of anaemia, which in women is frequently caused by heavy menstrual periods. There can however be many other causes of low blood iron levels such as bleeding into the gut, a common cause in older people.

The AnaemiaScreen™ test is very easy to perform and takes just 10 minutes to complete. It requires a finger prick blood sample that you take using a sterile lancet provided in the kit. A small pipette is provided to transfer the correct amount of blood to the AnaemiaScreen test cassette, and then six drops of diluent solution are added. Your AnaemiaScreen™ result will be available in just 10 minutes and will be positive if you have a low ferritin level below 20 ng/ml.