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26 March 2014

FREE Diabetic Skin Cream samples

Try our Diabetic Foot Care, Body Care and Body Soap before you buy

Sample sachets of the NAQI Diabetic Foot Care and Body Care Creams, and Body Soap are available on request. Please call us on 0845 872 1940 or send us your request, including your postal address by completing an enquiry form at 'Customer Service' and then 'Comments and Feedback'.

(Offer limited to 1 sachet of each per customer. Samples will be sent by 2nd Class post so please allow 7 days for delivery)

9 March 2018

METRON Breath Ketone Test now available in the UK!

Introducing the METRON® Breath Ketone Test - the first and only disposable breath test for ketosis

The METRON® Breath Ketone Test from Akers Bioscience Inc., is a rapid and convenient way to accurately measure ketones to determine if you are in a state of nutritional ketosis, or “fat-burning”.

Unlike conventional Ketone tests, the METRON® test does not require blood samples or inconvenient urine samples, just your breath! And since breath acetone is highly correlated with the ketones in your blood, the test provides an accurate determination of whether you are in ketosis.

The METRON® Breath Ketone test makes frequent testing to monitor if you are currently in a fat-burning ketogenic state easy. The small, hand-held disposable design means you can test yourself anywhere, and it only takes 3 minutes to complete and read your result with a clear colour change.

The Akers Bioscience METRON® Breath Ketone Test uses patented MPC™ Biosensor technology and is highly accurate, correlating well to reference blood-based ketone testing.

For further information about Metron or to order the product please go to https://www.personaldiagnostics.co.uk/Products/METRON_-_Breath_Ketone_Test.html

8 May 2015

Our Lactose Intolerance test features on the BBC!

The BBC 2 programme 'INSIDE THE FACTORY: HOW OUR FAVOURITE FOODS ARE MADE’ on 'MILK' last night, featured our Lactose Intolerance test.

The presenters Greg Wallace and Cherry Healey investigated how producers get milk from cow to carton quickly, and how milk is used to make cheese and ice cream on a huge scale. They also revealed why most people in the world actually can't drink milk as they are lactose intolerant, but in Britain and other parts of Northern Europe most people carry a gene that makes us lactose tolerant. Cherry Healy used the Lactose Intolerance DNA test from our partner Dynamic Code to test for this gene and confirm that she is Lactose tolerant.

For further information and to see the programme on BBC iPlayer go to http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b05typk9

1 March 2015

SPRING TIME SPECIAL OFFERS! - Check out our latest Health Test Offers.

If you want to be pro-active about managing your health this Spring check out our latest home health test promotions in our online store

6 May 2013

New Diabetic Skin Care range now available

A specialist range of Diabetic skin care products providing clinically proven hydration and relief for dry, sensitive skin

The NAQI Diabetic Skin Care range includes specialist creams for Foot Care and Body Care, a Body Lotion, and Body Soap that have been designed to correct dry skin among diabetics. They optimise the barrier function of your skin and increase moisture content.

Skin problems are very common in diabetics. A reduction in the amount of moisture reaching the skins dermis or epidermis layers from not drinking enough and a lack of nourishment at a cellular level due diabetic circulatory problems can cause chronic dry skin. When skin is dry, its unique barrier structure is damaged and more moisture is lost and irritants may penetrate the skin. This results in a vicious circle: once the barrier is damaged, protection is lost and irritants, allergies and infections arise that damage the barrier even further.

Fortunately, most skin problems can be prevented. If skin problems do arise they should not be underestimated. An ordinary skin complaint can develop into a serious problem with important consequences such as ulceration and even amputation.

Diabetics also suffer from accelerated skin ageing. An excess of sugar in the system creates a reaction in the collagen and elastic fibre of the skin that causes the skin to lose its elasticity and appear dull. Skin and nails may also turn yellow. Appropriate skin care can slow down this process.

The NAQI range of Diabetic skin Care products are hypoallergenic and their efficacy has been clinically proven in studies undertaken by the University of Liege in Belgium.

4 February 2013

Xeliac™ Test Pro test for Coeliac Disease now available in the UK and Ireland!

Personal Diagnostics are pleased to announce the launch of Xeliac™ Test Pro, a self-testing kit for Coeliac Disease (or Celiac disease) in the UK and Ireland.

Personal Diagnostics are pleased to announce the launch of Xeliac™ Test Pro, a self-testing kit for Coeliac Disease (or Celiac disease) in the UK and Ireland.

Xeliac™ Test Pro is manufactured by the Italian company Eurospital S.p.A who specialise in diagnostic tests for coeliac disease for professional laboratory and home use, and hold the patent relating to the use of tissue Transglutaminase (tTG) for the diagnosis of coeliac disease.

Unlike other self-testing kits for coeliac disease, Xeliac™ Test Pro detects the presence of both IgA and IgG antibodies to tTG, so patients™ with an IgA deficiency with coeliac disease can still be detected.

Coeliac disease is a common condition affecting up to 1% of the UK population. Symptoms of the disease can be non-specific and may be mistaken for other conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), wheat intolerance or symptoms of stress. As a result the under diagnosis of coeliac disease is a common and serious problem here. It is estimated that only 15% of people with the condition are diagnosed and studies have shown that on average it takes 13 years for an individual to be diagnosed with coeliac disease in the UK.

The Xeliac™ Test Pro test has been designed to be used at home, is very easy to use and takes just 5 minutes to complete.

10 February 2011

ThyroScreen™ - A World First! A new home test kit for hypothyroidism

The launch of ThyroScreen

Personal Diagnostics are pleased to announce the launch of ThyroScreen™, the world's first self-testing kit for hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid).

The new test has generated considerable interest as thyroid disorders are one of the most prevalent medical conditions worldwide affecting up to 8% of the adult population, particularly in women where it is 10 times more common in women than men. Underactive thyroid results in low levels of thyroid hormone and subsequent slowing of mental and physical processes of the whole body.

The most common symptoms are tiredness, weight gain, dry skin, brittle and thinning hair, depression, memory problems and constipation. The symptoms of hypothyroidism can often be very slow to develop, are non specific and they vary from one person to the next. As a result the condition often goes undiagnosed without confirmation with suitable blood tests, such as ThyroScreen™.

The ThyroScreen™ test has been designed to be used at home, is very easy to use and takes just 10 minutes to complete. The test comes with full, clear and easy to follow instructions and includes a patient information leaflet written by the British Thyroid Foundation.

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