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Lactose Intolerance Kit

Home Test Kit for Lactose Intolerance

1 test per pack

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Test Procedure

Simply take a Saliva swab and send it to us for testing in our Laboratory!

Everything you need for the test is included in the kit, including easy to follow instructions, a swab and a return envelope.

To take the test simply:

1.      Rinse your mouth with water

2.      Open the box, which contains a cotton swab in a paper/plastic package and an instruction leaflet. Carefully remove the sticker including the analysis code from the package leaflet and attach it to the paper/plastic package that contains the cotton bud. Open the upper part of the package and pull out the cotton swab.

3.      Rub the cotton end of the swab against the inside of your cheek.

4.      Place the cotton swab in its packaging, seal it in the kit box and post it back to us for testing using the  Freepost* addressed envelope.

To check your result, after 7 to 10 days please use your test's unique code retained from the leaflet where you will find the website address you need to go to in order to retrieve it.

* Applies only to customers in the United Kingdom