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Obesity Risk DNA Test

Home DNA Test Kit for Predisposition to Obesity

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Obesity Risk DNA Test

A Home DNA test to show if you are genetically predisposed to being overweight

If you find that you put weight on easily, this may be because you have a genetic predisposition to being overweight. Studies have shown that obesity is influenced not only by environmental factors, but that there is also a strong hereditary link associated with the condition. Susceptibility to common obesity is believed to be affected by many genes that affect both your appetite and the way your body reacts when you eat different types of fats.   

Our new Obesity Risk DNA test kit will show you if you are genetically predisposed to being over-weight. Knowing your genetic profile and susceptibility to weight gain can provide long term health benefits. It enables you to influence your BMI and blood lipids by regulating your dietary fat intake and your physical activity. It will encourage you to manage your diet and increase your exercise to control your weight. This will help you to prevent illnesses normally associated with being overweight developing, such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Cardiovascular problems. 

How does our test work? Well, by looking at a combination of four genes, our test can tell you how your body reacts to fat. These genes each interact with fat in a different way, and by looking at them individually the DNA test your susceptibility to weight gain can be determined.   

Our test analyses four different ‘Fat’ genes called FTO, PPARG, APOA5 and FABP2. The first gene, FTO provides information about whether you carry a predisposition toward excess weight and whether you will get a greater benefit from physical activity. The PPARG gene shows how your Body Mass Index (BMI) can be affected by a diet rich in monounsaturated fats, whilst the APOA5 gene shows how BMI can be affected by a high fat diet. The FABP2 gene shows whether you are predisposed to, or have a greater risk of having high levels of blood fats, including cholesterol. Further information about the genetic control of obesity is available here

To find out about your Obesity Risk is a very easy process. Simply take a saliva sample using the swab provided in the kit and send it to us for analysis in our accredited laboratory. The DNA in your saliva sample will be analysed to show the variants of the four fat genes that you have, and your results can be downloaded from the website using the unique code provided in the kit, within 7 to 10 days.