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Tetanos Quick Stick

Rapid Immunological Test to check tetanus immunization status

40 tests | REF:TE40B

TQS is a rapid immulogical test, based on the principle of immuno- chromatography.

  • Fast result
  • Easy handling
  • Reliable answer
  • Traceability of the result
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Tetanos Quick Stick

This method uses a combination of tetanus toxoid coated on the solid phase and a mixture of colloidal gold conjugates including tetanus toxoid-dye conjugate.

The blood, serum or plasma is deposited into the TQS sample well. A diluent is then added to the same well. The diluent flows through the absorbent pad, carrying the toxoid-dye conjugate along the chromatographic strip, forming a complex with the anti-tetanus immunoglobins present in the sample. This complex reacts with the immobilized toxoid in the “ T” zone to form a color band.

The excess gold conjugate binds to a control reagent immobilized in the “C” zone, forming a pink band and confirming that the test has been carried out correctly.

When and why should I use Tetanos Quick Stick (TQS)?

  • For every patient presenting with a tetanus prone
  • To estimate the vaccination status of your patients
  • To make the correct informed decision

Traceability of the result

2 labels for traceability per test are supplied in each kit for the purpose of:.

  • Identification of both the batch and the patient
  • Traceability of the result.

Simplified Protocol

  • Pierce the skin with the provided lancet
  • Put the pipette horizontally into the drop of blood. Don’t squeeze the pipette during the pipeting, the blood will go through capillarity until it reaches the black line.
  • Hold the pipette vertically above the sample wells, put 2 fingers on the black line and press to release the total volume of blood.
  • Add 3 drops of diluent.
  • Read the result at 10 minutes.

TQS - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the storage temperature?

The storage temperature is between +4C and +30C.

What is the sensitivity and specificity of the test?

How do I you know that my test result is accurate?

  • According to WHO standard, TQS has been evaluated with different concentrations of anti-tetanus antibodies (0,025 to 100 IU/ml).
  • No interference observed with high rates of bilirubin, hemoglobin, albumin and cholesterol or the presence of rheumatoid factor.
  • Validation of the test was performed by comparison to Elisa test. Evaluation on 865 samples: 289 samples of whole blood, 287 samples of plasma and 289 samples of serum.

Tetanos Quick Stick Brochure

Tetanos Quick Stick Instructions

Blood test procedure steps

Take Blood Sample

1Simply take a finger-prick blood sample.

Add drops of blood to test

2Add drops of blood to the test cassette.

Test buffer solution

3Then add test buffer solution.

Wait a few minutes for result

4Wait a few minutes and read your test result.

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