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About Personal Diagnostics

Developing cutting edge Personal diagnostic solutions

Personal Diagnostics Limited is a UK based company that specializes in self testing and professional health screening with a wealth of experience in self diagnostic and professional point-of-care tests. The company is part of the Eurobio Scientific Group, specializing in professional laboratory diagnostic tests and instrumentation. We are an ISO 9001 Accredited company and a Corporate member of the British In Vitro Diagnostics Association (BIVDA)

We manufacture our own range of  diagnostic tests including ThyroScreenâ„¢, CoeliacScreenâ„¢, AnaemiaScreenâ„¢ and UlcerScreenâ„¢ as well as marketing products from selected partners specializing in innovative point-of-care tests, devices and treatments, such as Dynamic Code AB, Akers Bioscience Inc and NAQI SA. All of our products are CE marked and available as home tests for purchase from this website or in-store, and as professional tests for use in pharmacies and medical centres offering a professional health screening service.

Our aim is to bring our customers the very latest in medical innovation in rapid tests and devices that are quick, simple to use and reliable, combined with friendly customer service offering expert advice and technical support.

All of our home diagnostic tests are delivered quickly and discreetly, with everything required to complete the test at home, including clear instructions for easy and immediate results.

Registered in England; Number 4022623

VAT Number: GB 100 1677 67

Advantages of self testing

  • 99.5% methodological accuracy
  • A quick answer
  • Analysis in our accredited laboratory
  • Completely anonymous

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How does self testing work?

More and more people are now taking advantage of the increasing availability self diagnostic tests, which are allowing them to take control of their health in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

Prevention is always better than cure and so monitoring aspects of your health with self diagnostic tests can ensure that any health problems are identified and be treated at an early stage and can be life changing. A negative result can bring you reassurance, whilst a positive test result can help identify health problems quickly and in some seriou s cases can prove life saving. Self-tests can play an important role, but they are not a substitute for medical advice. If you are feeling unwell, exhibiting symptoms, or you have any worries about any aspect of your health you should still consult your Doctor.

For many years the only home diagnostic tests available were pregnancy tests and ovulation predictors. These devices continue to be very widely used, but with significant medical and technological advances in recent years the range of health screening diagnostic tests is fast expanding enabling you to check many aspects of your health at home or take advantage of the professional health screening services that are increasingly becoming available on the High Street.

We specialise in producing and marketing the very latest medical innovations for home self diagnostic testing and for professional health screening. Our tests are quick, simple to use and reliable giving you peace of mind and allowing you can take more control of your health. The tests are available on-line and from pharmacies on your High Street or at your local supermarket.

How does self testing work?

Blood tests

Take Blood Sample

1Simply take a finger-prick blood sample.

Add drops of blood to test

2Add drops of blood to the test cassette.

Test buffer solution

3Then add test buffer solution.

Wait a few minutes for result

4Wait a few minutes and read your test result.

Home To Lab Tests

Take Urine Sample

1Simply collect the sample in provided container.

Add drops of blood to test

2Post the sample tube back to us for testing.

Test buffer solution

3The test is performed within a day of arrival at the lab.

Wait a few minutes for result

4Check your results on the website.

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