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Evidence MultiSTAT

Automated Multi-Analyte Testing Platform

1 Instrument | REF:EV1000

The Evidence MultiSTAT is an easy to use, small footprint analyser facilitating on-site simultaneous detection of multiple biomarkers, drugs and drug metabolites.

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The Evidence MultiSTAT

Fast. Fully Automated. Versatile

The Evidence MultiSTAT is a fully automated immunoanalyser that enables on-site simultaneous detection of up to 44 analytes from a single sample of oral fluid, urine or blood. It requires a small sample volume and generates results in less than 20 minutes. The process from sample entry to results can be completed in 2 simple steps, with minimum room for human error. The process is designed to make set up and analysis as quick, simple and reliable as possible.

Multiplex Explained

Using our revolutionary Biochip Array Technology (BAT), the Evidence MultiSTAT is an automated analyser that enables on-site simultaneous detection of up to 21 classical, prescription and synthetic drugs from a single sample. Designed to work across a variety of matrices, our patented multi-analyte testing platform provides a complete toxicology profile within minutes, changing the landscape of drug detection forever.

BAT is an immunoassay testing platform for the simultaneous multi-analyte testing of a panel of related tests. The technology works by combining a panel of up to 44 related tests on a single Biochip with a single set of reagents, controls and calibrators. Competitive chemiluminescent immunoassays are employed for the Biochip Arrays. The light signal generated from each of the test regions on the Biochip is simultaneously detected using digital imaging technology and compared to that from a calibration curve.

The Evidence MultiSTAT Applications

The Evidence MultiSTAT Randox Toxicology

  • Emergency/Hospitals. Emergency room’s typically screen for many routine drugs of abuse, as patients may be incoherent when providing information.
  • Workplace Drug Testing. With far-reaching implications, up to 20 percent of work-related fatalities test positive for drugs or alcohol. The drugs at the root of this issue include cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and prescription drugs.
  • Rehabilitation Centres. It is important to have a clear understanding of the drugs in the patient’s system before facilitating detox and to monitor abstinince.
  • Mining Industry. The priority for any mine is preventing accidents, reducing costs associated with high false rates from current testing methods and keeping workers who are under the influence of drugs and alcohol off site.
  • Racing/Anti-Doping. Most commonly performed on racehorses, drug tests are also performed on horses in endurance riding and for competitions such as the Olympics. Many competition horses are regulated by various international and national organisations.
  • Prisons. Drug testing in prisons is key to ensuring offenders have a better chance of leading a drug free lifestyle after custody, as the links between drug use and crime is increasing.
  • Doctor's Surgery. Drug testing patients who are being treated for pain can be tested for opioid misuse and abuse, offering wider options and the ability for doctors caring for pain patients to make informed decisions.
  • Airports. Testing employees for drugs is extremely important. Random tests and tests after an accident or serious incident involving an employee is crucial to passenger safety and airport security.

Why Choose Evidence MultiSTAT?

  • World’s most diverse test menu facilitating on-site simultaneous screening of multiple drug classes, comprising over 500 drugs and drug metabolites.

  • Simple 2 step process from sample entry to results, offering efficient and accurate screening.

  • Panels are available across multiple matrices with as little as 200μl sample volume required, ensuring more sample is available for confirmatory testing

  • Qualitative results are provided in less than 20 minutes offering an efficient and accurate screen.

  • The Evidence MultiSTAT has proven accurate test results with CVs typically below 10% with a 98% agreement with confirmatory methods.

  • Multiplex testing delivers a fast and cost effective solution compared to traditional methods.

The Evidence MultiSTAT Demonstration

The Evidence MultiSTAT Brochure

The Evidence MultiSTAT Test Menu

DOA MultiSTAT Urine I

DOA MultiSTAT Blood

DOA MultiSTAT Oral Fluid

Evidence MultiSTAT Process

Prepare Sample

1User: Prepare sample and add to cartridge.

Load cartridge

2User: Load reagent cartridge and tip cartridge to MultiSTAT.

Assay Sample

3Analyser: Assay diluent, sample & conjugate dispensed into Biochip well.

Biochip incubated

4Analyser: Biochip incubated.

Biochip washed

5Analyser: Biochip washed.

Reagent dispensed

6Analyser: Signal reagent dispensed into Biochip well.

Biochip loaded

7Analyser: Biochip loaded into image box and chemiluminescence measured.

Results reported

8Analyser: Test results reported in under 20 minutes.

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