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METRON - Breath Ketone Test

Breath Test for Ketosis

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How to Use METRON

Determining Ketosis has Never Been So Easy!

How does it work? The reactive particles in the test chemically react when exposed to the acetone in your breath, resulting in a colour change that can be easily recognised. A purple/pinl colour indicates your breath ketones are at a level that indicates ketosis (>0.5 mm/litre). To take the test simply: 

·        Wait 15 minutes after last food or drink before testing with METRON

·        Remove both black caps from the METRON detector tube

·        Squeeze the METRON tube with until the ampoule inside breaks

·        Hold the METRON tube vertically, take a deep breath and exhale forcefully through the tube for 30 seconds in 2 to 3 exhaled breaths

·         Replace both black caps on the METRON detector tube

·        Shake the METRON tube from side-to-side for 5 seconds. Then shake the tube contents downwards, and tap to settle the contents at the bottom of the tube

·        Time 2 minutes and confirm the colour of the reagent mixture within the Detector tube

·         Any Pink to Purple colour is positive (you are in ketosis), whilst a light tan to yellow colour is a negative result